Designer Stories

Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson is a Sydney based designer, a traveller, a considered creator and man who has mastered the art of balancing form and function in perfect unity. It sounds like a strange contradiction, but Wilson’s raw, almost brutalist pieces are statement pieces in the way that they’ve been crafted not to make a statement. As a designer, Wilson worships the democratic ideologies of usefulness, resourcefulness and the beauty in the bareness of the industrial process. He’s collaborated with Aesop, crafted stunning furniture, and created a table joint system that redefined contemporary utilitarianism.

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Sam Seljak and Karina Seljak

Sam and sister Karina Seljak are the sister team behind forward-thinking Australian textile brand Seljak. Seljak creates durable, but snuggly, eco-friendly blankets using Merino wool offcuts collected from the factory floor of Australia’s oldest mill located Tasmania. The duo’s combined wealth of experience in the global fashion industry and small business world, as well as their passion for innovative sustainability solutions and eye for great design, have propelled the label from a bedroom project between two sisters to one of the most exciting ethical businesses in Australia.

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Lauren Steller

Meet Lauren Steller from Melbourne Australia, she creates jewellery and household products using recycled aeroplane tyres and recycled rubber offcuts. Her training as an architect has influenced her designs, as they take on architectural shapes, texture, colour and depth. Who would have known that old aeroplane tyres could be so interesting!?

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Ryan Foote

Ryan Foote is the man behind R L Foote Design Studio, a Melbourne-based design studio that specializes in hand-made unique ceramic flatware and a host of contemporary interior design objects. His unique designs has even garnered the attention of a Michelin star chef; Ryan’s passion for cooking has influenced the focus of his works – designing ceramics that can enhance the culinary experience. Thinking like a chef, Ryan often employs experimental techniques and ingredients to his ceramics and glazes to create a unique product which pushes new boundaries in ceramic design.

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Kate Stokes and Haslett Grounds

Kate Stokes is one half of the duo that makes up Coco Flip, a design studio specialising in furniture and lighting design, that was established in 2010. Originally hailing from Perth, Kate was introduced to the world of design through her studies at Curtin University, where she majored in Industrial Design. Following an illuminating experience displaying a piece of her furniture design at Milan’s SaloneSatellite in her final year at university and several years of work experience in creative management, she was awarded a government-funded ArtStart grant in 2010, allowing her to take the leap into starting her own business, which she now runs with husband Haslett Grounds in Melbourne.

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Louise Gorham and Elliot Gorham

Louise and Elliot Gorham are a husband and wife team, heading up their design studio “Apparentt" in Melbourne, Australia. Comedy and drama are not things that come to mind when one thinks of a designer, but things are a little different for this team. Elliot studied at the Australian National University's “School of Art”, so consequently has a formal background in design – Interestingly, Louise came from a dramatic arts background, still occasionally performing and writing in-between designing and running Apparentt. Louise has always had a keen interest in design and interiors, and so naturally, she transitioned to design working alongside Elliot to grow their studio to what it is today. Their mission and design philosophy: “Is to create exclusive products that are beautiful, simple and durable.” – This ‘beautiful, simple and durable’ philosophy is evident in their design process and is demonstrated in their product design as we'll see below.

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