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The Idle Bench

By Louise Gorham and Elliot Gorham

Melbourne, Australia

The Idle Bench is an American oak bench with a simple timeless design. Despite it's light and airy appearance, The Idle is strong and sturdy. Idling and relaxing is exactly what this bench is made for, always ready – to do nothing.

Louise Gorham

Elliot Gorham

Louise and Elliot Gorham are a husband and wife team, heading up their design studio “Apparentt" in Melbourne, Australia. Comedy and drama are not things that come to mind when one thinks of a designer, but things are a little different for this team. Elliot studied at the Australian National University's “School of Art”, so consequently has a formal background in design – Interestingly, Louise came from a dramatic arts background, still occasionally performing and writing in-between designing and running Apparentt. Louise has always had a keen interest in design and interiors, and so naturally, she transitioned to design working alongside Elliot to grow their studio to what it is today. Their mission and design philosophy: “Is to create exclusive products that are beautiful, simple and durable.” – This ‘beautiful, simple and durable’ philosophy is evident in their design process and is demonstrated in their product design as we'll see below.

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Melbourne, Australia

Furniture and lighting

Manufacturing location
Melbourne, Australia

“Simple, yet engaging”

Complicatedly Simple

Elliot explains the conception of The Idle Bench, “The idle bench was so simple on paper, we weren't sure about it. After developing the unique joinery methods and making one, it was immediately clear that it was a great design, that we both loved. Simple, yet engaging”.

“It was a surprise to us both, it was sketched, built and just kind of happened” – While the idea came quite suddenly to Louise and Elliot, there are hidden complexities with such a simple design, Elliot explains, “We developed a new joint and had to invent a few processes… which was a learning experience”. Despite the complexity, Elliot admits that it didn't take long to produce, “It was one of the shortest development periods, only taking a fortnight”.

“It's so simple, it'd be hard to improve”

Designer thoughts

The Idle Bench's design aims to subtly reveal it's hidden complexity – only to those who approach it with observant eyes. Exposed joinery between the legs and the bench on the idle seamlessly join together, revealing the attention to detail that has gone into making each bench. Elliot explains, “We want them to notice the craftsmanship, especially in its unique assembly”. Louise and Elliot are admittedly both proud of this piece, stating that “It's so simple, it'd be hard to improve” adding that they like the mix of simplicity and hidden complexity.

Idle, your way

Perfect sizing

Customise the length of your Idle Bench to perfectly match your needs.

Clear or Colour

Let the natural grain of the timber speak for itself with a clear coat or give it a splash of paint. Let us know and we can arrange custom colours to suit your interior. We can also stain the top of the bench with darker coats.

Why we love The Idle Bench

The Idle Bench has a timeless yet unique design. Its humbly minimal design still manages to incorporate subtle but beautifully exposed joinery. The careful craftsmanship and assembly of The Idle Bench results in a light, airy look, but also a strong and sturdy bench.


Photography: Michael Gordon Hill

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